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Lottery Results 22.12.2018

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The Spanish Lottery prize breakdown

The Spanish Christmas Lottery prize system is different from contemporary lotto games. The lottery's unparalleled mass appeal lies in its design; rather than giving most of the pot to just a few lucky winners, it's designed spread the wealth widely and create as many winners as possible. Although the prizes are smaller, your chances of winning are much higher.

Another difference; rather than choosing your own lottery numbers tickets are bought with the numbers pre-printed. These consist of a five digit number sequence from a range of 0 to 9 (0,0,0,0,0 to 9,9,9,9,9). For the main draw, tickets are also printed in series of 160. This means that there isn't just one jackpot prize - there are 160! If you're betting online with Lottoland this doesn't matter, you simply choose your Betslip as normal.

With a total prize payout expected to be worth almost £1.6 billion this Christmas, the Spanish Lottery is the world's biggest lottery creating thousands of winners in a single day.

Your odds of being an El Gordo winner are about 1:100,000 per ticket in comparison to 1:116,531,800 to win EuroMillions. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why the Spanish Christmas Lottery is so popular with the Spanish people, where between 80-98% of all Spaniards are estimated to take part and spend approximately €70, or £50 each each!

Spanish Lottery Prizes Breakdown

El Gordo Jackpot- The Fat One

The Spanish Christmas Lottery is commonly referred to as "El Gordo". In fact this is incorrect as El Gordo only refers to the top prize. Its also important to remember that there are several other lotteries in Spain which call their jackpot "El Gordo", translating literally to "the Fat One". That said the term is still generally associated with the Christmas Lottery.

With all of the hype surrounding the Spanish Christmas lottery, foreigners are often surprised to learn that the jackpot is relatively small when compared to other major lotteries. El Gordo pays out only £2.87 million, compared with top EuroMillions prizes of €190 million.

The reason for this is in the basic design. El Gordo is a very "flat" lottery, dividing the prize pool more evenly between winners whereas a lotto like EuroMillions is often termed "top heavy", paying a much larger percentage of the prize money to just the top tier winners.

Your chances of winning El Gordo are 100,000 to 1 or 0.001%. In comparison, your chances of winning the EuroMillions are 116,531,800 to 1, or just 0.0000000086%. Looking at those odds it is easy to see why the El Gordo has so much appeal to so many players.

Sure, you need a lot of luck to win El Gordo but people do win it and most Spanish will know people in their home town who have had a big win in the past, if, indeed, they haven't enjoyed one themselves!

The Other Spanish Christmas Lottery Prizes

Of course El Gordo is not the only prize in the Spanish Lottery. There are 1,807 winning numbers in total and over ten thousand other ways to win. There are 4 other "main prizes" besides El Gordo, ranging from the second prize of €1.25 million to the fifth place winning tickets worth €400,000, which are announced at the climax of the live draw.

Bur first "La Pedrea" or literally translated to the "avalanche of pebbles", 1,794 prizes of €1,000 each. This helps to slowly build up the anticipation for the El Gordo draw.

As mentioned there are also over 10,000 ways to win, for example by having tickets sharing numbers, or having numbers directly before or after the winning numbers. The money awarded for these consolation prizes, called the "Segundos premios" can range from €200 up to €20,000.

Other Spanish Lottery Prizes

As you can see from the chart below, there are 17 different ways to win the Spanish Christmas Lottery:

Quantity Prize Description Total
1 £2,939,452.00 El Gordo (First Prize) £2,939,452.00
1 £918,578.75 Second Prize £918,578.75
1 £367,431.50 Third Prize £367,431.50



Fourth Prizes




Fifth Prizes




La Pedrea




For the two numbers before and after the First Prize (approximations)




For the two numbers before and after the Second Prize (approximations)

€ 17,975.14



For the two numbers before and after the Third Prize (approximations)




For the 99 numbers with the same first three digits of the First Prize




For the 99 numbers with the same first three digits of the Second Prize




For the 99 numbers with the same first three digits of the Third Prize




For the 198 numbers with the same first three digits of each of the Fourth Prizes




For the 999 numbers with the same two last digits as the First Prize




For the 999 numbers with the same two last digits as the Second Prize




For the 999 numbers with the same two last digits as the Third Prize




For the 9,999 numbers with the same last digit as the First Prize (refund)